The Trekker's Friend hiking trailer, hiker’s trailer or backpacker trailer

The Trekker’s Friend is lightweight and highly portable hiking trailer, hikers trailer or backpacker trailer, and is for sale on this site.

The Trekker’s Friend comes in two types – the Classic, which is attached to the backpack using webbing straps and weighs about 1.8 kg, and the Lite, which is attached to the backpack using cords and weighs about 1.7 kg. More information about each type and version is available here.

What difference does a hiking trailer make?

Introduction to a research project completed in 2020

The results of this research project are now available here. Briefly, this research (and earlier research I have done) showed that, in the right terrain for wheels, using a hiking trailer to wheel your pack allows you to walk faster and easier than if you carry your pack.

Buy it now

You can buy both the Classic and the Lite version of the Trekker’s Friend hiking trailer from here or, if you are based in Australia, on The Trekker’s Friend does not include trekking poles or a backpack – more information about this is available here.

It carries your pack for you when it can

The Trekker’s Friend carries your backpack for you when the terrain allows.

Putting your backpack on wheels when possible provides many benefits over carrying it. In a nutshell, it can allow you to walk faster, more easily and more comfortably.

When using it has a hiking trailer, your trekking poles form part of the frame. This works well because, on the sort of ground that you can wheel your pack on, your poles are rarely needed to help you to walk.

Photo shows Trekker’s Friend Lite.

You carry it when it’s too rough for wheels

When the way is too rough / steep / slippery / narrow or crowded for wheels, carry your backpack with the device attached and use your trekking poles as usual. This works well because this is the sort of terrain where your poles are useful for walking.

Photo shows Trekker’s Friend Lite.

Use the daypack to balance your load

Use the daypack that the Trekker’s Friend comes in to balance the weight of your backpack over the wheels.

This takes even more weight off your body. If you do it properly you can have only a few kg on your body, even with a 20 kg backpack.

Photo shows Trekker’s Friend Classic.

It’s lightweight and highly portable

The Trekker’s Friend comes in a daypack which attaches to the back of your backpack as shown earlier. You can fold the daypack into its own internal pocket when you are not using it.

You can easily take it in a car or on public transport, either attached to your backpack, or put away in the daypack that it is supplied in.

See the Trekker’s Friend hiking trailer in action:

The Trekker’s Friend is a lightweight highly portable hiking trailer. Video shows the first version of the Trekker’s Friend that was released – small improvements have been made since then.

Backpacks and trekking poles used with the Trekker’s Friend

The Trekker’s Friend does not include a backpack or trekking poles.

Most backpacks, especially those with with internal frames, are suitable for use with the Trekker’s Friend, but not all trekking poles are suitable. You should use trekking poles that are as strong and rigid as possible – Aluminium 7075 is good for that. They need to have the right design at the top and bottom. See here for more information about hiking poles for use with the Trekker’s Friend.

Please see the Trekker’s Friend Facebook page for more information.

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