Some walks I've done with the Trekker's Friend

Queensland Railtrails, May 2021, 10 days, 305 km

This involved walking a rail trail from Kilkivan to Kingaroy (89 km), then a “Link Track” (55 km) to Yarraman where the Brisbane Valley Rail Trail (BVRT) begins. Then down the BVRT to Wulkuraka, which is near Brisbane (161 km), making a total distance of 305 km.

It was great! It was unusual, walking between towns, through a great variety of different environments, and made more interesting by the various things you encounter from the time it was a railway – eg. disused stations, signals, road crossings etc. Camped or stayed in pubs etc about half-half. I highly recommend it – in some ways an Australian alternative to the Camino.

Geehi Dam and Grey Mare Range, Feb 2022, 3 days, 75km

Best with sound on

Walked from Munyang Power Station via Schlink Pass to Geehi Dam. Then, over Mt Grey Mare to Grey Mare Hut. Then back to Munyang Power Station via Valentine’s Hut and Schlink Pass. Lovely weather – a great walk.

Round Mountain-Mt Jagungal, Jan 2021, 3 days, 42 km

Best with sound on

Walked from Round Mountain down the track to Dershko’s hut. Then, mostly on no track, over Mt Jagungal to Cesjack’s Hut and down the Doubtful Creek to a track. Then down the Farm Ridge ‘track’, which was extremely overgrown and difficult to follow in places, back to Round Mountain. Lovely weather – a great walk.

Sydney-Wondabyne, Jun 2020, 4 days, 102 km

Lovely walk, very unusual, starting at the centre of Sydney. I did the days in an unusual order. Hope to return soon to do the remainder of the Great North Walk.

Orroral Valley to Corin Forest and return, Nov 2019, 1 day, 42 km

As well as many other walks within the Namadgee National Park that I have done I did this 42 km walk in a single day, from Orroral Valley Tracking Station Site to Corin Forest and return. I took a pack weighing 18 kg, and a Trekker’s Friend.

The walk included around 15 km of foot tracks, 3 km of which were too rough to wheel my pack (so I had to carry it for those 3 km). The Trekker’s Friend carried it all of the rest of the walk. Part of the walk was on the Orroral Valley Circuit.

Six Foot Track, Oct 2019, 3 days, 46 km

I did this walk on the October long weekend. Great weather, and the Trekker’s Friend carried my pack most of the way, which made it pretty easy. I met some people from the Central West Bushwalking Club who put a photo of me and the Trekker’s Friend in their newsletter, which was nice!

Dead Horse Gap to Whites River and return (AAWT), Nov 2018, 2 days, 60 km

I did this walk, which is part of the Australian Alps Walking Track (AAWT), with an early prototype of the Trekker’s Friend in December 2018. Starting at Dead Horse Gap I walked to Whites River over the Main Range and the Rolling Grounds, camped at Consett Stephen Pass, and returned via Munyang Power Station, Smiggin Holes, and the road to Charlotte’s Pass (part of which I hitchhiked). This walk is partly described in this article.

Tharwa to Munyang Power Station (AAWT), Oct 2018, 9 days, 200 km

I walked this part of the Australian Alps Walking Track (AAWT) with an early prototype of the Trekker’s Frien. It carried my pack almost the whole way, which was great, though I took a detour with no track, via Cesjack’s and Mawson’s Huts where I needed to carry it. Too much snow to continue to Dead Horse Gap, so I came back a month later to do that. This route is described at a high level in this article.

Mt Hotham to Dead Horse Gap (AAWT), Dec 2017, 13 days, 200 km

Walked this section of the AAWT with a group, and an early version of the Trekker’s Friend. This route is described at a high level in this article and this article.

Walhalla to Rumpff Saddle (AAWT), Nov 2017, 7 days, 110 km

I walked this section of the AAWT with an early version of the Trekker’s Friend and a group. This route is described in this article, as well as many others.

Mt Hotham to Omeo Highway (AAWT), Dec 2015, 5 days, 100 km

The first long distance test of early prototypes of the Trekker’s Friend, which I walked with a group. This route is described in this article as well as others.

The local hill

When developing the Trekker’s Friend I also spent a lot of time walking over and around Mount Rogers in the ACT.

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