How to use hiking poles while wheeling your Trekker’s Friend


The unique design of the Trekker’s Friend (TF) incorporates hiking poles into the frame when wheeling your backpack. However, some people wish to use their hiking poles to help them walk while they wheel the load on their TF.

You will need two sets of hiking poles to do this: one for the hiking trailer, one assisting your walking.

So that the tops of the hiking poles forming the TF trailer don’t get in the way of the hiking poles you’re using for walking, you may need to choose a smaller top piece when ordering your TF.

Also, when descending slopes the hiking trailer may go faster than you do. When you are not holding hiking poles, you can easily use one of your hands to slow it. However, when you are holding hiking poles, you need to use a special technique (see video below).

    Choosing the right-sized top piece

    The standard top piece is 44.5cm/17.5in long. It will provide a distance between the ends of the hiking poles forming part of the hiking trailer that is 61cm/24 in wide.

    Changing the size of the top piece changes the distance between the poles on the TF trailer. The shorter the top piece, the less the distance between the tops of the poles forming the frame of the trailer. If you’re using hiking poles to walk, it’s best if the distance between the tops of the poles on the trailer is narrower, so they won’t get in your way.

    However, this distance still needs to be wider than your hips – allowing for at least 5cm/2in on each side of your body.

    Measuring the width of your hips

    Put some trekking poles on a table so that the handles are at about the height of your hips, and put your body between them so that the handles are touching each side of your body.

    Then measure the distance between the inside edges of the trekking poles – that is the width of your hips.

    Top piece lengths and distance between the ends of the hiking poles

    Having measured your width at your hips, you can now select which top piece you would like. I am 38cm/15in wide at the hips and would select the top piece that is 40.5cm/15.9in long, which provides 52cm/20.5in of space between the tops of the hiking poles on the trailer.

    Ordering the top piece

    If you would like to order your Trekker’s Friend with a non-standard top piece please put your request in the “Order Notes” field of the order form, which is at the bottom of the main web page. The price will change if you do this though it may take extra time to prepare.

    As shown here, it is also possible to change the distance between the poles simply by moving the top piece up and down.

    Technique for descending slopes

    The following video demonstrates how to slow down your trailer when going down hill.

    How to use the Trekker’s Friend hiking trailer to wheel your load while using hiking poles to assist with walking (best with sound on)