Trekker’s Friend hiking trailer Classic with version 1 harness


The Trekker’s Friend is a lightweight highly portable device that converts your backpack and trekking poles to a hiking trailer, so that hiking with a backpack can be easier, faster and more comfortable than carrying it.  The Classic version differs from the Lite version in that the Classic version is attached to the user’s backpack using webbing straps, and so is slightly heavier, while the Lite version is attached using cords, and so is slightly lighter.


The Trekker’s Friend is a lightweight highly portable device that converts your backpack and trekking poles to a hiking trailer, so that hiking with a backpack can be easier, faster and more comfortable than carrying it, as described here and here.  You can buy the Trekker’s Friend hiking trailer (Classic version) here (or on eBay if you’d prefer).

Other walking trailers are already commercially available, but they are heavy and slow to dismantle, and can’t be used when the terrain becomes too steep or rough, so they cannot be taken on trips where such terrain might be encountered.  The Trekker’s Friend overcomes these problems by being lightweight and quickly converted between carrying and wheeling as the terrain requires.

When using the Trekker’s Friend as a walking trailer, your walking poles connect to the wheel assembly to form part of the trailer’s frame (see pictures 1 and 3).

When the terrain becomes too rough to use a trailer, disconnect your poles from the device and use them to assist walking as usual. Then carry your backpack as usual, with the Trekker’s Friend assembly attached (see pictures 2 and 4).

It takes only about one minute to change between carrying and walking or back again.

The daypack that the Trekker’s Friend comes in can be used to balance the load when wheeling the pack, taking more weight off your body (see picture 3).

When travelling by car or public transport the Trekker’s Friend can be left attached to your backpack or packed away in its daypack (see picture 5).

The Trekker’s Friend Classic with the version 1 harness weighs approx 1.75 kg, which does not include either the backpack or trekking poles, as these are not part of the device.

The Trekker’s Friend needs to be used with trekking poles that are as strong and rigid as possible, preferably made of Aluminium 7075.

The Trekker’s Friend consists of the following items:

  • A daypack, made of 210D Cordura Nylon, that attaches to the bottom piece and your backpack and carries items, thereby balancing your load better and taking more weight off your body (see picture 3).  The daypack has an internal pocket (picture 11.1) and is useful to have on your journey (see picture 11).  The daypack can be packed into its own internal pocket when not in use (see picture 10)
  • Two plastic wheels with sealed metal bearings and tyres that can’t puncture (see pictures 6 and 14)
  • A webbing harness (version 1), which has two shoulder straps and a narrow waist belt (see picture 9).  It connects to your trekking poles using two small ‘snap hook’ carabiners to pull your backpack along on wheels.  You can distribute the weight between your shoulders and waist as you walk.  The differences between harness versions 1 and 2 is explained here
  • A top and bottom piece, connected together with a webbing strap.  The top piece (picture 8) is made of aluminium and plastic and the bottom piece (picture 7) is made of stainless steel.  These have built-in straps to attach to your backpack, and places to attach the trekking poles and wheels.  The top piece also has shock cords to attach your poles to and the bottom piece has shock cords to tie the waist belt of your backpack out of the way when wheeling it.

Four main webbing straps are used to secure the Trekker’s Friend Classic to your backpack:

  • Bottom side straps, attached to the bottom piece, which join at the top of your backpack (under the top pocket) and hold the bottom piece in place
  • Top side straps, attached to the top piece, which join over the straps securing the shoulder straps to the backpack and hold the top piece in place.
  • A centre strap, attached to the bottom and top pieces, that goes around the centre of your backpack, joined at the back, and holds both the top and bottom piece in place
  • A strap for attaching the Trekker’s Friend daypack to your backpack, which goes from the hand grip of the daypack to the handgrip of your backpack.

These webbing straps are black, made of polyester, and each one has a 680 kg breaking strain.  You connect the cords to each other and adjust them using plastic buckles as used in many types of backpacking gear.

As shown in pictures 12 and 12.1, the standard Trekker’s Friend is made for backpacks that are up to 35 cm across at the bottom – this fits most modern backpacks.  If your backpack is wider than 35 cm please get in touch to discuss as bottom pieces can usually be made wider for no extra cost.

Instructions on how to put together and use the Trekker’s Friend Classic version are provided here.

Buy the Trekker’s Friend hiking trailer here to make your walk faster, easier and more comfortable!

The weight and dimensions provided under “Additional Information” are as packaged for posting.

Additional information

Weight 1.80 kg
Dimensions 54 × 31 × 15 cm